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with a relaxing water feature

Garden water features have become increasingly popular additions thanks to the character and life they bring to almost any garden, garden water features can enhance and transform any home or outdoor space. Water features can bring a relaxing atmosphere to any space and are also known for their ability to increase air quality and humidity and decrease noise pollution by drowning out noise with the sound of running water

John Lessels landscapes have been installing outdoor garden water features to clients located throughout Edinburgh and the lothians for over 35 years.


Installed by our expert team

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Our Edinburgh-based team can assist with advice, supply and installation of a garden water feature of your choice. The key to the success of the installation of a water feature is preparation and planning; the ground must be well prepared, a water supply and in more and more cases an electricity supply must safely be installed to power any pump used.

Furthermore the construction of the water feature is technically challenging as water levels must be maintained and the water must flow as planned. Once the installation is complete, the final key to the success of your water feature is to ensure the finish is second to none and that all wires, pumps and construction materials are completely invisible. The beauty of a water feature is that it can add a little something special to gardens regardless of size and shape. Much larger gardens and land can have the greatest variety of options for installing water features.

For most small to medium sized gardens one of the most popular types of water features is a small bordered pool, but with the variety of pumps and self-contained features which are available to us, plus our own experience creating custom designed water feature solutions, the only limit is your imagination!

Whatever your needs are for your personalized garden water feature, we’ve got it covered. Why not call our team to get more information, we are always here to help our clients throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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